For all Nectaro products we only use fresh ingredients. Our first and favourite, Classic Ginger Extract, is made from ginger root, lemon, lime, and local natural clove honey . You may also purchase different flavours of Ginger Extract with one more added ingredient of either pineapple, carrot, celery or turmeric.

Ginger root

βœ“ boosts your immune system
βœ“ prevents cold and flu
βœ“ fights infection and reduces inflammation
βœ“ boosts weight loss, digestion and decreases bloating
βœ“detoxifies body


βœ“ good source of antioxidants
βœ“ remedy for cough and cold
βœ“ antibacterial and antifungal properties
βœ“ helps to lower levels of cholesterol


βœ“ rich in vitamin C
βœ“ strong antioxidant
βœ“ beneficial to the skin and the immune system
βœ“ antiinflammatory effects associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome


βœ“ reduces inflammation
βœ“ assists with the production of collagen
βœ“ keeps your skin, hair and nails strong
βœ“ improves digestion


βœ“ full of vitamin C and A and fights against viruses
βœ“ supports the immune system
βœ“ helps to lose weight
βœ“ prevents plaque and keeps teeth healthy 


βœ“ rich in beta-carotene
βœ“  reduces high blood pressure
βœ“ helps protect your eyes from the sun
βœ“ lowers chances of eye problems  


βœ“ antiinflammatory properties
βœ“ prevention of cancer
βœ“ improves digestion
βœ“ natural liver detoxifier 


βœ“ reduces high cholesterol levels
βœ“ cures bloating and improves digestion
βœ“ aids in weight loss 
βœ“ low in calories, but nutrient-dense 

All Nectaro products are approved by the Vancouver Costal Health Authority and are not pasteurized. We are only using raw, fresh ingredients. No added water, preservatives or artificial flavours.