Flavoured fresh immunne ginger extract gift box. 1oz raw honey ginger shots
Pineapple ginger wellness shot
Carrot honey ginger immune shot
Sample Gift Box (5 shots)
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Sample Gift Box (5 shots)

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Looking for a unique, customizable gift or a way to say thank you, miss you, love you? 

Our beautiful wooden eco-friendly packaging makes this box a perfect healthy gift for your loved ones.

Now you can add a note with your personal message on it. All you have to do is type in your thoughts and we will print it for you. 

If you wish to have a special design printed on the card send us an email with all the information to nectaroinfo@gmail.com and we will do our best to make it happen.

Sample Gift Box includes 5 x 30ml of different flavours 

 Original - has 65% of ginger root, local clover honey and lemon. From our product selection this is the strongest extract. If you enjoy the taste of ginger, Original Ginger Extract is the right choice.

 Turmeric - has the same ingredients and strength as Original Ginger Extract with a dash of organic turmeric root. Turmeric has a warm, bitter taste and is capable of curing many health disorders. 

🍍 Pineapple - contains 40% of ginger root, pineapple, local clover honey, and lemon. It is the everyones favourite for its intense taste of sweet pineapple with a kick of ginger.

🥕 Carrot - contains 40% of ginger root, carrot, local clover honey and lemon. Mildly sweet carrot taste with a spicy kick of ginger root is a refreshing combination of flavors. 

Celery - contains 40% of ginger root, celery, local clover honey and lemon. This extract supports the immune system, detoxifies your body and boosts weight loss all in one shot.

This product has not been pasteurized, therefore it lasts for 30 days from the production day in the fridge.

How to drink extracts

Can be taken in pure form as a shot every day. If it is the first time you are drinking our ginger extract, get ready for a nice healthy 🔥.  The intensity of the extract may be reduced by mixing it with hot, cold or sparkling water.

Culinary use

These extracts are also great for SodaStream, fresh ginger ale, cooking, baking, marinates,  smoothies or salad dressings. For more recipes, visit our Instagram @gingerextractvan

There is no water, no additives, no artificial flavours and no preservatives added to our products. Never from concentrate!


Ginger root

✓ boosts your immune system
✓ prevents cold and flu
✓ fights infection and reduces inflammation
✓ boosts weight loss and digestion
✓ decreases bloating
✓ eases migraines and menstrual cramping
✓ detoxifies your body

✓ good source of antioxidants
✓ remedy for cough and cold
✓ antibacterial and antifungal properties
✓ helps to lower levels of cholesterol

✓ rich in vitamin C
✓ strong antioxidant
✓ beneficial to the skin and the immune system
✓ anti-inflammatory effects associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome

✓ full of vitamin C and A and fights against viruses
✓ supports the immune system
✓ helps to lose weight
✓ prevents plaque and keeps teeth healthy

✓ rich in beta-carotene
✓ reduces high blood pressure
✓ helps protect your eyes from the sun
✓ lowers chances of eye problems

✓ antiinflammatory properties
✓ prevention of cancer
✓ improves digestion
✓ natural liver detoxifier

✓ reduces high cholesterol levels
✓ cures bloating and improves digestion
✓ aids in weight loss
✓ low in calories, but nutrient-dense