Ginger Extracts

We are a local Vancouver based company producing 100% fresh wellness shots that can be drunk straight up or mixed with water. Base of all our products is cold pressed ginger root, freshly squeezed lemon and raw local clover honey. We offer different flavors and different ginger potency. Choose from Original, Turmeric, Pineapple, Pomegranate-Cranberry or Orange-Turmeric flavor.

Nectaro Ginger Extract is not pasteurized and contains whole raw ingredients only!

Lemon Honey Ginger Shot Benefits

Original cold pressed ginger extract. Contains ginger root, lemon, lime, local clover honey. Great for fresh ginger tea, homemade ginger ale or ginger shot.

How to use ginger extract

There is no recommended daily dose. However, you can start off by drinking one shot (30ml) a day.

Straight up shot - drink one shot with your breakfast every morning to boost digestion.

Fresh ginger tea - pour about 30ml to your cup, top it up with hot water and enjoy your fresh honey, lime, lemon, ginger tea.

Refreshing ginger ale or mocktail - one shot of ginger extract add sparkling water , mix together for ginger ale. Add a splash of orange juice and ice for mocktail.

Culinary use - another option is to use it in your kitchen. Use it in any dish where you want to add ginger flavour. Meat marinades, cookies, smoothies, lemonades, salad dressings.

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Great immune system boost

Have been using these products for a few months now and I can notice how much better my immune system is , I used to be sick quite often , but since I started regularly using nectar products I ve been living strong and healthy , can highly recommend.

Jakub Branda

Health benefits with good taste

I love the turmeric with ginger taste so good. I add ginger with water in morning. My kids love pineapple and carrots. Amazing products. I’m keep ordering since I taste it. Good for immunity and trying to protect my family from this Covid and flu season. I got delivered so fast so thank you so much guys!! This Christmas I’m sending my family as a gift!!


Loved it!

You can really taste all the flavours in it
Sooo refreshing!
Can’t wait to try the other flavours as well!
Highly recommend it!