About Nectaro Ginger Extract

Q1: What juicing method do you use? 

To make ginger extract we use a high-quality cold press juicers because they don't produce as much heat and they keep more of the fresh ingredients' nutrients intact.

Q2:  How long will the extract stay fresh for?

Our extracts are Vancouver Costal Health Authority approved products and should be consumed within 30 days from manufacture. Whether opened or unopened products need to be refrigerated.

Q3: Is the ginger extract pasteurized? 

Our products are not pasteurized, we use only raw, fresh ingredients.

Q4: Is the extract diluted with water?

Absolutely not.

Q5: Does the extract contains any additives or sweeteners?

There are no additives. Contains local raw clover honey.

Q6: How do you package your products?

We are an environmentally friendly company. All of our products are bottled in glass, and packaged either in paper bags, or paper boxes.


How to use Ginger Extract

There is no recommended daily dose however, you can start off by drinking one shot (30ml) a day.

If it is too strong, simply mix it with hot water to start the day, or with sparkling water to create you refreshing Ginger Ale.

Another option is to use it in your kitchen for smoothies, lemonades and salad dressings.


Health and Medical

Q1: Can I drink ginger extract while breastfeeding? 

We recommend to consult with your doctor before drinking ginger extract while breastfeeding.

Q2: Can I drink ginger extract if I take medication? 

We recommend to consult it with your doctor before starting to drink ginger extract with any medication. 


Delivery options

Q1: What are the delivery options?

After placing your online order, we can deliver the products directly to your home or you can pick it up at location: 1631 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3E6.

Please call 604 360 5139 or 778 919 0104 to set the time for pick up.

Q2: How much does the delivery cost?

All orders over 30 CAD are delivered for free, otherwise the delivery fee is 5 CAD.

Q3: Do you deliver products to my city? 

We are a small company shipping locally to most of the cities in Metro Vancouver area. To find out if we ship to your city click here

Payment options

There are two payment options:

ONLINE by using your debit or credit card at check out or CASH/E-transfer payment at the time of delivery.


About subscription plan

Our subscription program will make everything easier for you. Choose if you want to receive your bottle weekly, biweekly, every three weeks or even once a month and get an additional 10% subscription discount.

You can subscribe to a plan on our checkout page.